ABOUT US Commitment and experience

We are a multidisciplinary team with consolidated experience in the industry of Health and Pharmaceutical, committed to the quality of life and care of people.

Our approach is the development and implementation of strategies intended to improve communication and modify the behavior of people in relation to their treatments, increasing patient loyalty and adherence.


We are leaders in innovation and service. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, our processes have been evaluated using the highest standards in Quality Management System, which allow us to provide maximum security and reliability for our customers.

Values determine our future



We provide comprehensive solutions to the healthcare market, being a significant contribution for the decision-making process, profitability, operating efficiency and commercial results of our customers.

Nadia Betancourt General Manager STH

By modifying the patient's behavior to face their therapy or treatment, we improve the healthcare market performance, generating a virtuous and positive action for people and the entire healthcare industry.

Gonzalo Urzúa Executive Director STH Partner